Message from the President

catrese_kilgore.jpgHello to my NABA Houston family and friends!

 I am truly humbled and excited to serve as your Houston Chapter President for fiscal year 2021-2022. NABA has played a pivotal role in my professional career development and I would like to thank the association for allowing me to serve you. The organization was founded in 1969 and has produced a legacy of great leaders within the organization and in the community. I will work hard to continue on the path of those that have built bridges before me with the goal of maintaining the Houston Chapter’s great legacy.

We are truly in unprecedented times in the industry. As we work together to find a new normal, know that we will stay focused on remaining beneficial to our current and perspective members. This term will bring many changes to the Houston Chapter, including new board members, new programs and new offerings for both our Corporate Partners and membership. Our new board is excited about this upcoming year and the opportunity for the continued growth and success of the Houston Chapter. The new board will meet at our Annual Planning Retreat later this month to develop new programs and offerings and excited about this upcoming year and the opportunity for the continued growth and success of the Houston Chapter

 We continue to be guided by our motto, "Lifting as We Climb", and that starts with reaching current and future members on a grassroots level. Our Scholarship and Student mentorship programs are pillars of the Houston Chapter, and remain a part of our core.  Our Accounting Careers Awareness Program (ACAP) is now in its 13th year and its alumni are graduating from colleges and becoming professional NABA members.  For our mid-career members, we are revamping our development series to focus on communication, personal growth and career advancement.  For our executive-level members, we are developing programs focused on effective leadership and retirement and succession planning.   

 We hope that NABA can become a resource during these difficult times. We intend to find new opportunities in this virtual environment to expand your personal network while continuing to help you grow as a professional. I look forward to a productive year and invite each of you to participate and be involved. Although we may be many individuals and companies on our own, we are ONE NABA FAMILY!