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NABA ERSC Volunteering

Starts: 09-24-2019


Calling all Eastern Region Professional Members! The ERSC is not successful without the hard work and dedication of volunteers who assist with tasks leading up to the conference and On-Site.
This committee develops the scholarship application, criteria for selection, and handles the grading and presentation for all scholarships to be distributed at the student conference. They work closely with the Registration and Corporate Support committees to complete their mission. This committee is also participates in the planning of the Scholarship Luncheon held during the conference. Ashlei Pope from the Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter is the chairperson. 
This committee is responsible for getting the students, professionals, faculty advisors and volunteers registered for the conference. They set the timelines for the various price periods and maintain the online registration system. They also check in each participant when they arrive on-site at the conference and work closely with the Corporate, Interview, and Seminars committees. This committee has a need for on-site volunteers to process the registrations when the students arrive. Cristal Howard from the Northern New Jersey Chapter is the chairperson. 
This committee builds a list of seminar topics to be presented and works closely with the Corporate Support committee and the local chapters to find dynamic speakers to present each topic. This committee also has a large need for on-site volunteers to serve as seminar moderators and assist with the Seminars Helpdesk. Candace Green from the Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter is chairperson of this committee. **Students are encouraged to volunteer as moderators.
This committee is responsible for the coordination of the entire interview process, from resume receipt to interview scheduling and follow-up. They are in need of additional volunteers to assist with interview scheduling, interview monitoring, and etc. The Interviews Committee will also need assistance with conducting Mock Interviews during the student conference. Marlynka Dorimain from the New York Chapter is the chairperson
The Hospitality committee is responsible for preparing and executing all of the social events at the conference for students and professionals. They generally provide all snacks and entertainment for the socials and hospitality suites. Derkyl Paton from the Northern New Jersey Chapter and Tiana Wynn from the Baltimore Chapter are the chairpersons. 
High School Program
This committee develops a program for High School students to be delivered on the Saturday of the conference. This program is a condensed version of the seminars and leadership training offered to the college students during the conference. The committee is responsible for securing all of the students that attend and all presenters for the program. Tanyeka Alexander from the Baltimore Chapter is chairperson of this committee.
Public Relations
This role essentially serves as the communication source to the students, faculty advisors, volunteers, and professionals for the student conference. They coordinate with the other committee chairs to get the info that needs to be sent out and sends the info based on a schedule that they have developed. This committee is also responsible to managing, updating, and distributing conference information via the conference mobile app and Eastern Region's social media accounts. Chelsea Jackson from the Richmond Metropolitan Chapter is the chairperson. **Students are encouraged to volunteer as ambassadors.
Volunteers Needed On-Site
During the conference, we will need volunteers to serve as hosts/greeters for various events, assist with scanning conference attendees in & out of sessions, signage setup/change/removal, etc. We also need volunteers on Wednesday, September 25th (tentatively 6 PM), to assist with stuffing the conference bags. As with all large scale events, there may be additional needs that come up unexpectedly, so we are looking for volunteers to serve as "floaters", who will take on tasks as they are needed. If you are interested in being part of this group of volunteers, please contact 

Volunteers Needed:

20 (14 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary




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