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NABA, Inc. is the first organization of its type in this country whose primary focus is to empower blacks in the accounting and finance field. Our programs are a core part of that mission. 
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“Lifting As We Climb” is our motto and the standard we apply in our efforts to assist our members in realizing their personal, professional and economic potential through a combination of professional and personal education, leadership training, and access to professional and social networks. We are also recruiting and developing a new pool of professionals with our Accounting Awareness Programs (ACAP) for high school students and our student membership for college and university students.

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NABA Greater Louisville is dedicated to uniting accountants and other business professionals, as well as accounting and business students, who are committed to professional and academic excellence. We provide dynamic programming, social activities and community service opportunities which promote our goals and advance the professional experience and personal enrichment of our members.

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