Open Positions

Scholarship and Awards Reception
Open – Chair
This committee is responsible for planning of the awards dinner each year. All phases of the awards dinner will be documented with responsibilities assigned to each member of the committee.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
Open– Chair
This committee is responsible for soliciting volunteers and coordinating the activities of the sites to be serviced under the VITA Program. The committee determines which sites will be serviced; the IRS may require the dates for each site, obtaining the required materials from the IRS, and the forwarding of information concerning any and all training that. Finally the committee is responsible for ensuring adequate manpower at each site.

Public Relations
This committee is responsible for publishing the chapter’s communications and newsletter. It is responsible for format and content and for obtaining information from various committee chairs, officers, and chapter members. Since the monthly newsletter is the primary method of notifying members of the monthly meetings, the committee in conjunction with the corresponding secretary, is responsible for timely mailings. We have implemented an “E-Newsletter” and it is forwarded to our members who provide to us accurate email information.

Human Resources (Internships and Full-time)

This committee provides regular and timely job opportunities to all NABA members.


The historian and his/her committee are responsible for photographing the chapter events and maintaining a photo and document library of those events for use in various NABA-NNJ communications.

Professional Membership 
This committee is responsible for creating programs that will attract new members and retain existing members. Part of this responsibility includes developing incentive plans, phone in campaigns, membership drives and other activities that will increase membership.

Student Membership
The primary responsibility of the Student Affairs committee is to manage the student chapters within NABA Northern New Jersey Chapter. The committee ensures that each student chapter fulfills its requirements for maintaining a chapter.

The responsibility of this committee is to administer the chapter’s social, fundraising, education and professional development programs. The committee is responsible for outlining all programs for the upcoming fiscal year. It entails presenting a list of tentative topics and speakers for the general meetings as well as other programs. The ongoing duties of this committee include:

  • Maintaining the requirements for CPE sponsorship including renewing the certificates and maintaining the required support for the seminar series.
  • Procuring a speaker for each meeting
  • Presenting that speaker with a gift
  • Ensuring that each attendee has properly signed attendance sheet.

The committee ensures that the chapter banner is present at each meeting. To comply with the administrative requirements for CPE sponsorship, the committee obtains the speaker’s Bio and Outline of the topic, takes attendance, collects speaker evaluation forms, and distributes CPE certificates at each meeting.

ACAP (Accounting Careers Awareness Program) Committee
This committee is responsible for planning, organizing and executing of the ACAP program. ACAP is a week long program (on a college campus) for high school students who are interested in studying accounting/business.