NABA Twin Cities Leadership

NABA Twin Cities chapter is made up of one professional chapter and seven student chapters.  Browse our current chapter officers and committees.  


Executive Board
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Orlando Bryant


Sabrina Johnson
1st Vice President


Tammy Jenkins
2nd Vice President

What does NABA mean to me?

“To me NABA gives me the opportunity to connect with students and professionals of color to help them learn more about the corporate business world. I didn’t get to where I am by myself, I received help along the way and being apart of NABA allows me to give back, by helping students and professionals with their journeys.”

What does NABA mean to me?

“To me NABA acts as a ladder to creating connections and opportunities; truly embodying its motto, "Lifting As We Climb". It creates an encouraging space for current professionals of color to network and interact with the next generation of professionals of color through community involvement, student programs, scholarships and professional events."

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Alexis Martin


Rashena Molina

Shakor Jukes
Vice Secretary
What does NABA mean to me?

“NABA is a community that provides opportunities. NABA allows me to network and interact with other professionals of color and gives me a chance to see the future professionals grow in the student chapter.”

What does NABA mean to me?

To me, NABA is more than a network of professionals. NABA is a community of potential friends, mentors, resources, and community advocates. NABA is a safe space where we can come together to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.

My Mantra:
"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try"

What does NABA mean to me?

“NABA to me means family. NABA is my professional family where I feel a sense of belonging and when I am with my NABA family, I have the motivation that drives me toward a satisfying future and NABA also helps me to get the most from the I do and achieve.”