National Leadership

NABA’s Board of Directors is comprised of professional members elected to serve one of three categories:

  • Officer Directors (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer)
  • Regional Presidents
  • National Directors

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Pictured: The FY19 National Board of Directors.
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NABA Austin / Central Texas Leadership

The Executive Board may exercise all powers consistent with the chapter Bylaws or with duly enacted resolutions of the membership of the chapter, including but not limited to, the authority to prescribe policies and procedures for the Chapter and to enact resolutions biding upon the chapter, not inconsistent with the National Bylaws.

In addition to assisting the chapter President in establishing, implementing, and achieving chapter goals as well as presiding over meetings of the Executive Board and general body during the President’s absence, the roles and responsibilities for each Chapter Officer are described in Roles and Responsibilities.

Executive Board
Walter Carter, CPA

Allision Buchacan, CPA 
Executive Vice President

Yves Amani, CPA
VP Student Affairs

Daverick Issac
VP Corporate Relations

Hopeton Hay
VP Community Affairs
Elaine Mays-Lofton
VP Professional Development
Elaine Mays-Lofton
VP of Technology
Derrick Jackson
Recording Secretary

Jacqueline Alexander Muhammad 
Professional Membership Chair

Roger Davis

Compliance Financial Officer

Jeanna Fullard
CPI Liaison