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NABA Austin / Central Texas Student Chapters
NABA Austin / Central Texas chapter supports student chapters at the following universities:

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To prepare college students for a professional career through engagement, mentoring, personal development, exposure to the work place through internships, scholarships through our scholarship program and public speaking/presentation skills through case competitions. These initiatives also aim at identifying and nurturing exceptional leaders in higher institutions. Click here to view even more reasons to join NABA as a student!

Student members are undergraduate or graduate students (full or part-time) majoring in accounting, finance or a related field, or high-school students interested in pursuing a career in accounting or finance. Student Member dues are only $35 annually!  For more information on chapter programs, please e-mail us at

Here’s How You Can Get Involved

Professional Liaison (PL)
PLs are assigned a college or university in order to encourage and assist students’ progression in the accounting and other business related fields as well as help support the student chapter with its membership goals. PLs communicate with Student Chapter officers and advisors on a consistent basis, the goals and expectations of NABA and obtain calendar of events from student chapter in the beginning of each semester and submit to Student Member Services Committee (SMSC) Co-Chairs.

Bridging the Gap Sub-Committee (BTGC)
BTGC will be responsible for receiving applications, pairing participants, sending and reviewing surveys and program compliance. *Newly formed sub-committee*.

Student Chapter Reporting and Evaluation Program Sub-Committee (SCREPC)
SCREPC will be responsible for sending SCREP reminders, receiving all SCREP reports, reviewing and submitting comments to the Student Chapters within 2 business days. *Newly formed sub-committee.

New Student Chapter Start Up
This sub-committee will be responsible for identifying new student chapters, communicating the application process to prospective Student Chapters, initial review of applications and tracking the status of the application. *Newly formed sub-committee.

For more information about Student Services and Programs, please e-mail Vice President for Student Services at

Leadership Programs
Organized through our student chapters, our leadership initiatives include empowering our student chapters to have executive boards to run the affairs of their chapters which generally include, preparing a plan for each fiscal year, requesting and justifying funding for planned activities to both their schools and the professional chapter, executing the planned activities which includes coordination with service providers, engagement of speakers and resource persons, designing activities that address students' needs and gathering feedback from event participants for future planning. Executive Board members from our student chapters develop leadership skills generally not taught by any academic programs as it makes them managers and executive officers at an early stage of their professional career.

Case Competitions
Through our various case competitions we seek to support college level students develop analytical, critical thinking, presentation, public speaking and problem solving skills. It also offers prospective employers the opportunity to assess the non-technical skills of college student members outside of an interview situation. 

Mock Interview and Resume Critique
We help prepare our college student members through a series of "interview readiness" events. These include education about internships, hiring, interviewing and recruiting processes in general. It also focuses on developing social skills to better prepare our members for the workplace. We hold various events to review resumes of members, hold mock-interviews and provide feedback to members and offer guidance on appearance, dress and carriage. These activities enable our college students better prepare for internships and interviews.

Western Region Student Conference (WRSC)
The conference will include two and one-half days of workshops, seminars and interview sessions, all designed to better prepare minority students for careers in accounting and financial management disciplines.

The objectives of the conference include:

  • To encourage student involvement in NABA and to assist in the development of leadership skills.
  • To provide an opportunity for students and professionals to share their goals and objectives.
  • To augment students' skills and expand their knowledge through challenging seminars.
  • To provide a forum to discuss student issues and to present positive alternative resolutions.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop and exhibit their organizational and planning skills.
  • To facilitate maximum attendance and participation by students and professionals.
  • To provide a cost-effective method for corporations to interview qualified minority students.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to interview for entry-level positions and internships