ACAP is a trademark program owned by the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. and is currently held in over 19 major cities across the country. ACAP is a 6-day summer residency program where students reside overnight (under direct supervision) on a college or university campus to attend technical sessions and panel discussions to learn about college majors and careers in accounting and finance. ACAP was formed after NABA recognized that there was a low percentage of African Americans pursuing college degrees in Accounting and working in the profession. NABA realized there was a need
for a program that could be used to increase awareness of the profession.

NABA Pittsburgh - ACAP program began the summer of 2013 and was held on Point Park University's campus. ACAP is a selective program and students must meet certain requirements to be eligible to apply for the program. Students who are selected to attend ACAP will receive notification from the ACAP Selection Committee.

Benefits of ACAP?
There are educational and personal development benefits to attending the ACAP Program. Some of the benefits include:
  • Attend technical sessions to learn more about Accounting and Finance as a course of study,
  • Meet and hear from a panel of Accounting and Finance professionals from metro Detroit accounting firms and corporations,
  • Participate in corporate visits and network with corporate executives,
  • Learn the requirements for becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the importance of having a CPA certification,
  • Network, make new friends and develop personal skills in a real-life college setting,
  • Join the ACAP Alumni Association to keep in contact with former ACAP students.

Who is Eligible to Attend and How Do I Apply?
All high school students (currently enrolled in grades 9-12) interested in pursuing studies in Accounting, Business and/or Finance in college or want to learn more about the profession, and meet the application requirements are eligible to apply. Applications are reviewed by the ACAP Review Committee and students are selected into the program program based on specific criteria.

To apply or have questions regarding Summer 2018, please contact Edward Scott, CPA, MBA at, or submit an online application.

Interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor?
Please contact Brittney Arnett at 412-339-0940 or Edward Scott, CPA, MBA at 412-392-6194. We thank you in advance!