Guylaine Saint Juste
President & CEO
A Message From Our CEO 
As we observe Black History Month, our hearts still are heavy, but our spirits are strong. It has been 30 years since the brutal attack on Rodney King by law enforcement officers, and little has changed regarding the lack of value for Black lives. The abhorrent and anti-Black behavior displayed by the law enforcement officers who brutally beat Tyre Nichols to death is not an anomaly. Still, it remains a side effect of the systemic racism that infects America. Tyre should be here with us today, laughing, loving and living! 
Tyre’s death is especially triggering as it came at the hands and feet of five Black officers who lacked empathy, care and compassion for a young man who was defenseless, unarmed, vulnerable and calling out for his mother. NABA Inc. stands in unity with the family, friends and loved ones of Tyre Nichols and those who are hurt, grieving and outraged by the tragic loss of yet another young Black man. 
As a wife, mother, daughter and sister, my heart hurts with and for Tyre’s mother, RowVaughn Wells, whose courage and grace are beyond remarkable. Despite her deep despair, she is championing peace and expressing concern for the families of Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Justin Smith, Emmitt Martin and Desmond Mills Jr., the five men who deprived her beautiful son of his life. I continue to be amazed by the strength and resilience of Black women, which are often regarded as acquired skills when in reality, they are deeply spiritual gifts. 
While we uplift the Nichols family, let us each vow to take steps toward creating fundamental and lasting change in our communities and society. Let us make good trouble that challenges the systems, policies and behaviors embedded in our culture that allow anti-Blackness and racism to impact the daily experiences and opportunities of Black communities. 
Black families across this county deserve accountability and protection from negligent and criminal law enforcement officers and legal systems. Black children have a right to grow, learn and evolve into their life’s purpose without the threat of violence from the individuals we pay to serve and protect them. The lives of Black men and women are valuable and critical in pathing and paving a more just world. 
Beyond the headlines and prime-time news, change is imminent, change is due and change will come! 
In unity and with a fierce spirit of change, 
A Message From the NABA Leadership Team
When our founders created the National Association of Black Accountants in 1969, Black professionals faced significant barriers to gaining the experience and exposure needed to advance their careers. The "NABA Nine" set out to create a movement that would not only expand the pipeline of Black CPAs but shape the future of the accounting and finance profession forever. 
As we can see, their efforts were not in vain! We are so proud to be surrounded by our very own NABA Nation, who still make Black history today as the first Black CEOs, CFOs, Board Chairs, and more of organizations that have built generations of wealth on the hard work and innovation of Black people across the diaspora. 
We are honored to have the privilege of carrying the torch and leading us as we path and pave the way to a more just world. This month, we encourage each of you to reflect on the legacy of our founders whose vision and principles laid the foundation for NABA Inc. May their legacy continue to guide us as we work towards a brighter, more inclusive future.  
We are living our ancestors' wildest dreams. Let's continue celebrating and uplifting Black voices, history and culture today and always. 
With Gratitude,
NABA National Leadership Team
Telekah Brooks, Chief Impact and Strategic Partnerships Officer
Suzanne Brown, Senior Vice President Program Design & Implementation
Toi Eshun, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Catherine Foca, Chief Strategist
Shon McGhee, Senior Vice President, Finance & Operations
Kim Williams, Chief Revenue Officer
Kim Wilson, Senior Vice President Stakeholder Experience & Engagement
Herschel Frierson
NABA Board Chair
NABA Board Chair attends the inaugural Black History Month Event at Marilyn Davies College of Business
Our Board Chair, Herschel Frierson, attended Marilyn Davies College of Business's (MDCOB) inaugural Black History Month Event focused on highlighting MDCOB's partnership with NABA Inc.
Herschel had the opportunity to meet and network with students and to share his insights and experiences with the next generation of leaders, including the University of Houston Downtown's merit scholarship recipients, student leaders and key MDCOB officials. Events like these are critical for our community as they provide opportunities to connect with others, learn, grow and celebrate our shared history and achievements.
Tasha Austin
NABA Board Member
NABA Board Member, Tasha Austin, receives the 2023 Science Spectrum Trailblazer Award
Congratulations to NABA board member Tasha Austin for receiving the 2023 Science Spectrum Trailblazer Award!
This award is a part of the BEYA STEM Outstanding Achievement Award (OAA) Category. The OAAs are granted to individuals in the workforce. These nomination applications are reviewed and recommended for an award by a panel of leaders from industry, government and academia.
NABA New York Chapter
Leaders from NABA Inc. and the NABA New York Chapter connected with Barry Melancon, President and CEO of AICPA, for robust conversations celebrating Black History Month and exploring meaningful partnership opportunities.
NABA legend William Aiken, who served as the organization's second president; Calvin Harris Jr., CPA, former board chair and now president of NYSSCPA; Kevin Weems, newly elected president of the NABA New York Chapter; Trevor Williams, Eastern Region member and others came together for an inspiring evening.
Stay tuned for access to a candid discussion between Guylaine and Barry about the current and future state of the accounting profession and the importance of partnering with NABA to build the accounting and finance pipeline to expand opportunities for Black Business Leaders.
Celebrate Black History Month with NABA's "Minding Our Business: Building Black Wealth" Campaign
NABA Inc. celebrates Black History Month with its "Minding Our Business: Building Black Wealth" campaign. The campaign aims to help create and preserve wealth for Black communities, which is vital to our commitment to promoting financial fluency.
We will share events and tips through February to help our members and community create generational wealth. These resources will span topics such as investing, retirement planning and fiscal management.
We invite all members to join us in celebrating Black History Month and to participate in the campaign by sharing content with your networks. If you have any questions about the campaign or want to learn more about how you can get involved, please do not hesitate to contact us at
The '23 Summer Internship Interest Form is Open! 
NABA Inc. is thrilled to announce that the 2023 Summer Internship Interest Form is now open! This is a fantastic opportunity for our student members to gain valuable hands-on experience while building their professional network.
The summer internship program allows students and recent graduates to work alongside our corporate sponsors and gain a deeper understanding of their desired industry. This is a unique opportunity to develop skills, build a resume, and make connections that will last a lifetime! Apply today - here.
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) Provides Grant for Innovative Business Strategy to Address Black Business Leaders 
February 1, 2023
NABA Inc. announced the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) invested in the organization's innovative business strategy as part of its racial equity grants to support organizations working to advance a world that is more just, equitable and inclusive. Read More >>
Strategic Relationships Can Be Key To Successful DEI Initiatives
February 1, 2023
Recently, [NABA Inc.] worked with PwC to bring the strengths of both of our organizations together to work towards a common goal: increasing representation of Black business leaders in the global corporate marketplace. Through this collaboration, PwC invested $1M to support the development of NABA’s updated technology infrastructure and strategic plan. Read More >>
5 Methods For Thriving At Building Black Generational Wealth
February 15, 2023
There are numerous ways the Black community can build their fortunes. Spoiler alert: simply saving money is not enough. Here are ways to make sure your hard-earned dollars are working for you. Read More >>
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