Ms. Lauren Yost

Chief Operating Officer,

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Lauren Yost joined the NABA staff as Chief Operating Officer in December of 2014. A dynamic business and performance strategist, Lauren has over 20 years of leadership and hands-on management experience in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Leveraging her expertise in Operations, Finance, and Strategic Planning enables her to lead big-picture visioning, balanced with efficiency and practicality.

She has extensive staff leadership experience in the areas of Operations, Human Resources, Sales, Information Technology, Facilities, Administration, Conferences and Expositions, Marketing, Communications, and Magazine publication and has demonstrated successes in start-up operations, fast-growing organizations and evolving environments needing active change champions.

Published HR, management, and leadership articles in Parks & Recreation magazine since 2005. Top-rated content resulted in several reprints, quotes or references in national publications and other world-wide (i.e., ASAE’s Dollars & Cents,, US Legal and v|lex Law Journals, Northern Arizona University research) and listed as required reading for "student success" (Waldon University).