High School


The Accelerated Careers Awareness Program (ACAP®) is a program for high school students (freshmen through seniors) in which they are put in the NABA pipeline to help build future Black Business Leaders with focus on directing them to majoring in accounting, finance and its related business fields including entrepreneurship. It includes a one-week residency at a college or university combined with year-round programming. 


During a week-long summer campus residency program, a select group of students can explore careers in accounting, finance and business-related fields via a rigorous class and study schedule, college-level content, and valuable networking opportunities.


ACAP® introduces underrepresented diverse high school students to accounting, finance, economics, technology, and management while providing the foundation of financial literacy and the development of interpersonal skills. Prominent business leaders share their knowledge, provide tips for success, and discuss career opportunities. Students experience careers in accounting firsthand through tours of local certified public accounting firms and companies.  Students also learn the value of collaboration and teamwork through group projects or case study initiatives.  And the program concludes with a recognition luncheon or banquet for students, parents, speakers, and corporate partners.


Through mentoring, we help them to matriculate to college but also how to succeed in college through a mentoring initiative. The program is fully supervised and all-expenses-paid. Students selected will receive free tuition, room and board, books, materials, tools, NABA HS membership and mentoring.


Since its beginning in 1980, the program has served as a turning point in the academic lives of thousands of high school students, motivating them to pursue a higher education and developing their own unique paving and pathing to reach their maximum potential.


ACAP Chicago was founded in 2005 to increase the understanding of accounting and business career opportunities among high school minority youth in Chicagoland school systems. applications.

For more information on the NABA Chicago ACAP program, please contact us at acap@nabachicago.com .